Our mission: support public organisations to pursue their mission
in the interest of the citizen and society.

Who are we

We focus exclusively on the public and non-profit sector.
The evolution and performance of the public sector and government alignment with the expectations of society are daily challenges for us
– as they are for you. These are the issues that give meaning to our approach. Our aim is to work, together with you,
on original and sustainable solutions that meet your expectations.

The DNA of IMPACT Public Sector Advisors is characterized by our desire to have a real impact on the organizations that we support.
We aim for real societal added value, even under socio-economic circumstances that may be difficult.

Each partner has over 10 years of experience with consulting in the public sector.
This attests to our ability to complete our assignments and to provide sustainable and high-quality support.

Words on paper or on a screen can only convey so much.
To explore whether our commitment and our approach could work for your organisation,
we encourage you to contact us here for a personal meeting.
The IMPACT team

The Team

Bjorn Vanheste

“Be curious,
not judgmental”
W. Whitman

Olivier Lemaire

“Be the change you want
to see in the world”

Gabriel Grégoire

“In the middle of difficulty
lies opportunity”
A. Einstein

Vassilis Alexandris

“There is nothing permanent
except change”

Sofie Bullynck

“The power to question
is the basis of
all human progress.”
Indira Gandhi

Jonas Vermoes

“To improve is to change,
so to be perfect is
to have changed often”
W. Churchill

Pieter Van Damme

“You can never learn less,
you can only learn more”
R. Buckminster Fuller

Sophie Monnier

“None of us, acting alone,
can achieve success”
N. Mandela

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